We’ve conquered the bus – now the ferry …..

The little bit of mizzle we woke up to soon cleared away and left us with a fine, cloudy but warm day. With no further ado we set off to catch the bus from just outside the site and straight onto the passenger ferry from Kingswear to Dartmouth. We sat outside for the 5 minute journey just in case – but no problem – which is just as well as we do have to make the return journey later!

On arriving we wandered around this pretty town for a bit – lots of independent shops – a really nice little town for browsing if you didn’t have an impatient springer in tow!

We walked along the river front as far as we could and then followed the lane up to the castle – which was closed but that’s ok I had no intention of paying to go in ( as you will gather I am not keen on paying to go into things!). The little cafe was open and she made me a fine cup of tea to go with my toffee apple flapjack (yeh a little bit sweet but I managed) whilst Poppy had her lunch. The views from the castle are stunning across the mouth of the river Dart – you can see the small castle at Kingswear and there is plenty is activity on the river. The parish church next to the castle is equally pretty (and free), so we had a look around before heading on.

Just beyond the castle is the little beach at Sugary Cove (lots of steps down!), which was deserted, so Poppydog time!

We then continued along the coastal path to Compass Point, taking in all the spectacular views, before heading inland for some more Poppydog time in the woods Gallants Bower – the view from the top up the river Dart- well worth the climb. We then wended our way back down and wandered back to Dartmouth taking in Warfleet Creek and Bayards Fort on the way.

View towards Start Point

View to Start Point

Warfleet Creek

Bayards Fort

Both Kingswear and Dartmouth are both clearly affluent but seem to have got the right balance with an eclectic mix of very modern and historic houses – though it has to be said some of the are huge!!! The overwhelming feeling of peace and tranquillity was awesome – the sea so calm- I wonder what is like with an onshore wind?

Well we had a lovely day – definitely would visit Dartmouth again.

Two thoughts of the day:

Old and new houses can sit beside each other well – I guess it all depends on their design.

How lovely it was today to know that we didn’t have to make the long walk home – though we probably walked as far!

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