Today we took a closer look at the Day Mark….

Very different day today – overcast but much milder and most importantly dry!

We set off down the lanes in search of the Beacon, we had seen on our way to Kingswear which I had googled and discovered was built in 1864 to help guide the shipping traffic to Dartmouth and was called third Day Mark. We gained a four legged friend (George the JR) on the way and no matter how many times I told him to go home or we hid from him, we could not shrug him off – or get close enough to read his tag! Eventually we met a nice young chap with his two young children and dog who helped me catch him, so we could call his owner and get him retrieved.

We then pressed on to the Beacon, which stood some 80ft tall in a field and can apparently be seen for miles out at sea. Standing in the Day Mark looking out to sea you get the feeling of how important landmarks must have been to ships in the days before the sophisticated radar systems they use to navigate with these days.

We then continued on to Froward Point, which accommodates the National Coastguard lookout and the derelict remains of the WW2 Brownstone Battery. The views from here were stunning and far reaching – a little pool of gold sparkling over Start Bay in the distance.

The coastal path from here undulates back towards Brixham and lead us to the National Trust owned Coleton Fishacre House and Gardens, which unfortunately were only open at the weekends, though looking down the valley on them gave you a sense of what lies within. That was enough for us, (well me – Poppydog as you know will keep on going forever!) so we cut inland again to pick up the lanes and the longish hike home, by which time dusk was upon us and Watership Down was positively bustling again!

Two thoughts of the day:

The sea in Devon is quieter than in Cornwall?

I wonder if in 100 or 200 years time we will look back at buildings built today with the same admiration for the architecture, design and feat of the actual build?

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