Scabbacombe Sands here we come…..

What a glorious day… from sun up to sun down – just enough cloud to make the sky look pretty.

We made the most of the day and set off walking along the lanes to Scabbacombe Sands, through Boohay we meandered until we joined a footpath, leading to the coastal path and our destination.

The footpath took us twisting and winding around the fields and a long a steep valley which was eerily silent, no birdsong, or sound from the sea just the faint hum of a very distant tractor – even Poppydog was too occupied scurrying around to make any noise!

The tide was full in, but there was enough beach for a good runaround and we had it too ourselves! Poppydog was content chasing stones and I was content sat on a rock throwing them as we enjoyed the warmth of the sun until it disappeared over the hill by which time it was time to go anyway.

We were briefly joined by a seal, who came in really close to check us out before disappearing off round the headland.

By the time we got back to site, just after 4, the rabbits were out in force – they were everywhere and so poor Poppydog was dangling around on the end of her lead, not sure which way to turn! As a result she has been banished to inside Birdie and is now sulking on the front seat!

Two thoughts of the day:

Are the rabbits out to enjoy the late sunshine, it is not a full moon – why so many on this site?

The Devon countryside really is rolling hill after rolling hill with stream driven valleys in between – very beautiful but an absolute pain to walk!

2 thoughts on “Scabbacombe Sands here we come…..

  1. Hi Clare

    Looks like you’ve had a good few days getting about. Glad Poppy was ok on the bus, gives you a lot scope for getting further afield without the hassle of moving the motorhome if you don’t want.
    Getting cooler now every day & our boiler is broken, roll on Saturday when a new one will be fitted.
    Hope you’re warm enough.

    Take care
    Sandra & Mark


    • Hi Sandra
      Yes this is a lovely site albeit perched on top of a hill and the bus was a bit of a breakthrough! I am warm and toasty in the van so don’t envy you your cold house until Saturday and I guess it is a bit colder with you than here – all the best Clare


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