Today we caught a bus….

Today was a bit chilly but we set off to walk to Kingswear anyhow. As the main road is quite busy with no footpath, Mr OS suggested a route using a network of lanes- a good bit longer but much more pleasant ( excepting the fact that it rained on us – how rude?). In the distance we saw The Tower (day beacon) – whatever that is!

Just as I was beginning to think that I had got it wrong, on the left through the hedgerow were glimpses of the River Dart. Towering above the river, the very impressive Royal Britannia Naval College suddenly came into sight as we started the long downhill walk into Kingswear.

There is not much to Kingswear itself, just some incredibly large houses, a post office and several pubs. However the Paignton steam train terminates here and there are 3 ferry crossings to Dartmouth- still very active and busy at this time of year! There is also a huge marina with some tidy looking Gin Palaces in situ. The views of Dartmouth, with its pretty, painted terraces of houses, spreading up the valley were definitely worth the walk.

When we arrived in Kingswear, I checked the bus timetables, having realised on the way here that it is Sunday (the bus service in the Lizard is almost non existent on Sundays!) and the walk back is long and uphill – but no worries they still run hourly until 7.20 – phew.

As the sun had come out to play again we followed the coastal path bordered by the river on one side and the railway on the other for awhile to enjoy the views and activity on the river (also following the railway meant it was flat!). We had an impromptu picnic – well shared a bag of cheddars – at the North End Ferry point, watching the ferry make its way back and forth carrying some fairly impressive cars, in the sunshine, sheltered from the breeze until it was time to make our way back into the village to catch the bus home.

Now I haven’t been on a bus for more years than I am prepared to admit and Poppydog has never been on one. I have to confess to being quite anxious about Poppydog, bearing in mind her penchant for barking in the car/ Birdie and so had saved a bag of cheddars just in case some form of blackmail was required – but no she sat by my feet, totally ignoring all the other passengers and the sleeping collie opposite and apart from the odd anxious look in my direction seemed to take it in her stride!

Success! This could be a way forward to be able to see more of the surrounding areas.

Two thoughts of the day:

How indulgent to read the Sunday paper on Sunday!

Even though I am just doing what I want to do each day – it still doesn’t include making a proper meal! Ping jobby or something on toast – delish!

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