This place is like Watership Down…..

Poor Poppydog is driven wild by the number of rabbits here – I try to make a suitable amount of noise when I open the door to send them on their way, but invariably our morning walk through the site involves Poppy swinging around on the end of her lead in every direction, making high pitched squeaky barks and me trying to keep her quiet whilst exiting the site as quickly as possible – it is only just gone 7am and we are all on holiday after all!  The rabbits themselves seem quite unphased and sit awhile watching us before casually bobbing off a bit further to sit and watch us again – sending Poppydog, as you can imagine, into outer orbit!  I am completely stressed out and it is only ten past seven!  You can just make out a rabbit sitting in a hole in the hedge – I’m sure it winked at us!

As the weather was so lovely again today we decided to wander back down to the beach.  This time though I was happy to let Poppydog off the lead from the beginning of the footpath and she happily scurried around chasing scents / birds / squirrels or whatever – I didn’t see anything!  I am not sure that we would be welcome in any nature reserve! – my wild life book is wasted as I can’t get close enough to anything to even begin to identify it!

We caught the last of the sun (it disappears quite early over the hilltop) down on the beach and played footsteps as the tide receded and a rather noisy version of fetch, before bracing ourselves (myself) for the walk back up – we walked back up on the other side of the valley and as I hoped, the pathway was less muddy and slippery (but sadly still as long and steep!).

It is definitely a bit chillier out there now, so straight into the warmth of Birdie for a cup of tea (I know)!

Two thoughts of the day:

Am feeling a bit restricted in the lack of safe and sensible walking options.

Putting tent pegs (to secure washing line) in hard standing is not an option!

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