We don’t like towns …

We walked into Brixham today – it wasn’t easy trying to avoid walking along the roadside but with a bit of help from Mr OS and probably a few extra miles we more or less did it.  The town itself isn’t bad – clear signs of recent regeneration and a lot of new builds makes it much more appealing than Paignton was ( interestingly the free South Devon Travellers Guide only dedicates 6 lines to Paignton, whereas Brixham gets a couple of pages!).  The Harbour is very busy with a constant stream of boats (mainly fishing) coming and going all supplying the modern new fish market.  Brixham is the highest earning Port in England and Wales (according to the same guide!).  But I’m afraid it didn’t hold a great deal of interest to me or Poppydog so we soon set off for the coastal path to find an alternative (and more interesting) walk home.

We headed up towards Berry Head and came across these pretty little gardens along the harbourside which have been created by local people as part of ‘Pride of Brixham’.  Well worth the effort I think you will agree?

Mindful of the length of way still to go we cut across Berry Head and down to St Mary’s Bay for some Poppydog time before the long trudge back inland.  The beach was almost deserted and quite a find, well worth the climb down (and back up) all those concrete stairs!

The last leg of our walk was by bridle paths and farm lanes, a bit squelchy underfoot but nice and peaceful – these all seemed to be lined with paddocks – so many horses and ponies – clearly Brixhammers are not only ‘fishy’ but also ‘horsey’ folk!

Back now with our feet up – that was a 10 mile round trip and we were out for 5.5 hours – most definitely wine o’ clock.

Two thoughts of the day:

Getting about on foot is not as easy as you would think!

Deserted beaches really are our favourite places.

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