So the sun does shine in Devon…..

What a fab day – from sunrise which we saw come up over the sea on our morning ramble – to the sun dropping down over the hills leaving a pink glow over the sea and of course all the time in between.

How lucky not to have been stuck in Paignton all day today!  We set off to walk down to the nearest beach – Man Sands.  With the exception of the first 100yds or so the entire walk was on footpath or bridle path all through beautiful tree lined avenues, largely following the course of several streams.  The ground was scrunchy with fallen leaves (albeit a bit squelchy underneath due to yesterday’s rain) and fresh conkers where everywhere.  As it was all new territory, poor Poppydog had to be kept on the lead most of the way there (until we met a fellow dog walker who assured me that it was quite safe) and then freedom beckoned and she set off like a greyhound out of a trap – screeching as she went (no chance of catching sight of any wildlife with her around!).

We timed it right for the tide and had the beach to ourselves- so whilst Poppy hurled herself around the beach, I was able to sit awhile and enjoy the warmth of the sun and slowly amble along the length of the beach, watching the few craft out on the sea and the odd walker make their way along the coastal path. 

On the return journey Poppy was happy scurrying around along the path chasing alsorts of scents and sounds through the leaves and undergrowth – then a squirrel crossed the path right in front of us – well she was off!  Not quite able to shimmy up the tree after it, but she gave it a good go!

The climb back up out of the valley was a bit gruelling and I am still waiting for this new found fitness to kick in – but feeling physically tired at the end of a day is so much better than being mentally drained – don’t you think?

Two thoughts of the day:

If you are staying on top of a hill, then the way home is always going to be up!

Isn’t it about time the National Trust invested in some suspension bridges across valleys – it would make the coastal path much more accessible and enjoyable?

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