Well today we did not a lot!

It continued to howl through the night and I’d like to say that we were rocked to sleep but that would be a lie – I still find it quite disconcerting when the van lurches around at the whim of the wind – at 2am I googled 3 websites to see how strong the wind was and when it was likely to abate.  They all lied!  I am sure it was stronger than 28mph – not as bad as ole ‘Brian’ but not far off ex-Ophelia – anyhow I have named this one ‘Flo’ and she now appears to have almost blown herself out – so sleep beautiful sleep 💤.

As we needed to do some washing, which entailed hanging around on site, I thought I would do a bit of forward planning so that I have a loose idea of where we are headed, bearing in mind my decision to stick to larger sites with hard standing and facilities.  A sort of plan we now have – subject of course to change!

To keep Poppydog happy we contented ourselves with several trips along the coastal path towards Boscastle but turning back before any of the tricky bits – this is also a section I feel quite happy to let Poppy off the lead and therefore she gets about 10 times the runaround value – method!

We took one last look at the Ladies Window and retreated back into the warmth for the evening.

Two thoughts of the day:

Aren’t these moody skies fantastic?

Poppydog’s body clock is so much better than mine!

2 thoughts on “Well today we did not a lot!

  1. Hi Clare
    Sounds like you’ve had an interesting couple of days. We’re back in Yorkshire after our stopover in the Cotswolds last night. Hope you get the motor home sorted out on Tuesday. Back to work for us tomorrow.

    Lovely to have met you

    Sandra & Mark


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