And Birdie has sprung a leak!

Yesterday evening I noticed a bit of water on the floor below the opposite sofa and I couldn’t think of any logical explanation for it.  So I lifted up the seat cushion to explore further and realised it was coming from the heating unit – because this space is mostly taken up by the unit and various warm air pipes, I only store a few random things such as pegs, clothes airer stuff that won’t come to any harm if it gets warm or wet!  Anyhow to cut a long story short, there was no obvious explanation for the water, so after conferring with the hand book I decided to switch off the heating and water and drain the hot water.  This morning I rang the dealer, to see if there was a quick fix – there isn’t – so it looks like we are Paignton bound and Birdie is booked in for Tuesday.  In the meantime they assured me I can run the heating, just not the water (more liveable that way round especially now the wind has whipped up again).

This has confirmed my change of strategy for the winter months – my original plan of continuing to make small hops up the coast staying in any sites that are still open in roughly the right locations regardless of facilities has been abandoned for the time being.  Instead I am going to follow the larger sites with hard standing and more facilities- I can always travel back and fill in the gaps when the weather is better.

After all that excitement we took ourselves out for a wild walk into Tintagel  – we cheated a bit and wandered up Rocky Valley to join the main road (pavement) to walk in.  We took time to peer into a small grotto at all the engraved stones and pretty ribbons adorning the overhanging branches and wondered at who and why these little shrines develop?

Once in Tintagel we headed out to the other side of the headland, to sort of pick up where we left last time, along Glebe Cliff and past the Parish Church of St Materiana’s.

 It was wild, but this part of the footpath is wide and set well back from the sea with fields running alongside so Poppydog got her freedom.  Dark clouds danced around the sky letting pockets of golden sunlight through here and there, across the moody sea as we took in the stretching coastline towards Padstow.

Well with all the cobwebs well and truly blown we headed back the same way.  Pausing, you will be pleased to know to buy the hose attachment from the little hardware store ( that seems to sell everything if ever you are here and in need!).

Two thoughts of the day:

All the best plans are subject to change.

Note to self – when it says for example Bossiney Castle (site of) on the map – this means there is nothing left to see!

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