Money really does grow on trees…..

Not quite such a nice day today – a bit more overcast but still quite warm when walking and flat calm.  

Watched a group coasteering across on the headland opposite, this morning, which looked fun and from this angle impossible to see the ledges they were clambering on before jumping from varying different heights into the water.  Didn’t think to use the zoom on my camera to take any photos – sorry!  

Having promised myself an easier day we set off in search of St Nectan’s Glen and waterfall.  On the way up to the top via a bridlepath we passed St Piran’s well which had quite a beehive of a roof.

When we got up to the waterfall I was quite surprised to find a cafe and gift shop (this really is in the middle of nowhere) both open (albeit not many takers) and that you had to pay to access the waterfall! In my book £4.95 is a lot to see – well – water fall!  So I’m afraid to see photos of the fall you will have to google it – as I have just done!  

However undeterred we carried on up the stream for a while until the footpath veered away from the water and then followed it back all the way down the hill through a lovely forest glade.  All the reviews talk of the Glen being very mystical but I’m afraid I didn’t sense anything other than you would expect walking through a wooded glade with a vibrant stream running through it!  Very lovely and very different from any of the other walks we have had so far.

Part way down there were 3 fallen tree trunks that visitors had taken to wedging money into all the nooks and crannies of their bark which I’ve never seen before – made them look like well I don’t know really I was going to say porcupine but infact the likened me to some kind of Yule log without the icing sugar topping!  Anyway we obliged and made a wish – well why not?

Two thoughts of the day:

Is it coincidence or just bad luck that the neighbouring farmer is choosing to spray his fields with some foul smelling stuff the last three evenings on the trot just at about the same time that everyone is home enjoying the sunset with a glass of something?

The beauty of living in a small space is that you have to put everything away – so you never need to tidy up!

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