An absolutely awesome day for November!

We were up and out before the sun rise – Poppydog still adjusting to clock change!  Have found an empty field close by where she can run around like a looney which is great for her morning exercise – and has the same stunning view of the sea which keeps me happy too!

Later we set off for Boscastle in glorious sunshine – really was T shirt weather – the walk was challenging particularly just before and going down into Boscastle but we stopped awhile up by the lookout station and Poppydog had a good run around on the Forrabury Stiches ( small strips of land in ancient times farmed on a 3 year rotation system) – preserved as such by the National Trust, before making our final descent into the village.

I have visited Boscastle both before and a few years after the flood (August 2004) and was not impressed with the flood reparations as it all looked too new and precise but now some 13 years on everything has bedded in nicely and it is indeed a very attractive little village.  The main part of the village had already lost the sunlight by about 2.30 due to the steepness oh the valley so we headed up onto higher ground to sit in the sun and watch the activity down in the little harbour whilst we had a late lunch.

We headed back using the old road which is now used as one way access only so very quiet – I had forgotten how inaccessible the village used to be.  Through the lanes of Forrabury and then picked up a footpath to go back cross county (and avoid the worst valleys) – all went well, there were signposts and styles as we went through field after field until with the end in sight at a tiny hamlet of Trevalga we couldn’t find a way out of the last field!  The style was blocked and the only way out appeared to be through a bolted gate – oh well it is not the first (or I guess the last) that we have had to clamber over!  Poppydog is much better at it than I am – she can invariably get underneath!  

Not wishing to risk the last stretch we followed a farm track back down to join the coastal path (we had atleast avoided all the worst bits) and followed the setting sun home – tired but happy, hungry and thirsty!

Two thoughts of the day:

Is it really necessary for farmers to spray their fields with such unpleasant smelling stuff?

Definitely a take it easy day tomorrow- you listening Poppydog?

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