Tintagel – 3 and a half miles- not a problem……

Another lovely day – the sea is flat calm and after a runabout (Poppydog) we had breakfast outside in the rising sun – not bad for 1st November?

After daily stuff was done we set out along the coastal path to visit Tintagel.  The first couple of miles were brutal – down to Rocky Valley (back up), down to Bossiney Haven (back up) with a couple of other ups and downs in between – more steps than footpath if the truth be known.  The scenery however was equally breathtaking- good excuse to stop a lot of whiles on the way!

We carried on around the coastal path to see the ruins of the castle (where King Arthur was apparently conceived!) – how did they even think it was a good idea to perch it on top of a rock?  You wouldn’t get a mortgage on it these days. 

A little further round the pretty parish church – St Matariana’s – sits alone on the cliff top.  Mindful of the walk back I decided that was enough for me and we headed into the village for a well earned pasty and a nice slab of carrot cake for later.

It is a pretty village, with loads of parking, mostly gift type shops and pubs?  How many pubs does this small community need – I counted atleast half a dozen?  Oh yes and still on my mission to find a hose adapter – I found the little hardware store and the windows looked promising – guess what? early closing on Wednesday!  Really.  The Old Postoffice takes centre position and quite rightly so – it is a beautiful old building.

Not quite being able to face all those steps and the hike back we walked along the roadside (pavement all the way) to Rocky Valley and from there cut through to the site in time to watch the last of the sun go down – with a glass of wine of course!

Two thoughts of the day:

After 9 nights making do in Birdie- the site shower was amazing, hot and not one of those irritating ones that stop start all the time.

For those of you old enough to remember the days when the Government were doing a big PR campaign about privatising the Gas company and ‘Sid’ was the man in the know but no one could find him- well last time I visited Tintagel we found him out in the mist on Tintagel Head!

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