And today the sun came back….

Hooray! Still a bit chilly out there but in the shelter of Birdie I was able to enjoy a sit and cup of tea in the sun outside after Poppydog’s morning walk- so not bad at all.

It’s funny but yesterday I was amazed by the dramatic clouds but didn’t think to take any photos – some were so dark grey with a sort of yellowish tinge which you know from experience usually brings heavy rain – nature is so clever – I often feel that even if you could paint exactly what you saw to the casual observer it would often look over bright with the strength of colour being overplayed but that so isn’t the case – the natural colours we see all around us are often very vibrant.

So today I have been cloud watching and just how beautiful are they?

Also in the sky – two large low flying aircraft were flying around – seeming to fly up the valley below the site and then off in the direction of Exmoor – we saw them quite a few times but I cannot find out on google what type of planes they were – with my limited knowledge they were like the Lancaster but I would say not as quite as big or noisy – will let you know if I do find out.

Two thoughts of the day:

We might be a bit stuck out here with nowhere in reasonable or safe walking but we are not even slightly bored – quite happy to take a week out of exploring!

What were those planes?

Rain stopped play again!…

My fault saying what a lovely run of weather we’ve been having! This rain is serious, great big dobs of the stuff – so we did the bare essential Poppydog walks and spent the rest of the day in the warmth and dry of Birdie – me on the laptop and Poppydog in pole position on her front seat!

Been doing a bit more research into possibly of changing from Motorhome to a car and caravan to give me more flexibility and freedom to explore the places beyond walking distance – will keep you posted!

Two thoughts of the day:

Got a lush chicken roast dinner to look forward to tonight.

Should I get a small Christmas tree for Birdie?

Rain stopped play……

The day started with some early sunshine but unfortunately it went downhill from mid morning and on and off rained most of the rest of the day.

Still four legged souls need walking so we donned the necessary layers and off we went – till Poppydog was suitably bedraggled and had had enough (yeah right!) of chasing the scents of who knows what to who knows where and then retired to the warmth of Birdie for the rest of the day.

Poppydog with today’s treasure

Now last week I was banging on about how lovely to have a relaxing Sunday with nothing more pressing planned than reading the paper – well that assumes of course that you can get a paper! So we conferred with Mr OS in search of a likely village, mmm nothing within reasonable walking distance, so guess what? We have done without! and yes, still had a very relaxing Sunday thank you very much!

Two thoughts of the day:

The washroom in Birdie makes an excellent drying room.

By gum it’s chilly out there…..

Little burst of hailstones during the night – I thought we were being shot at!!! Still the sun came out to say hello several times during the day but that wind was chilly!

We didn’t stray far today – to be honest the site is so huge that just wandering around all the mostly empty fields and letting Poppydog romp around the various dog walking areas (most of the camp fields have a wide rough grassy area around the perimeter for dogs to play in) – was enough to keep us amused today.

Two thoughts of the day:

Am seriously thinking about the flexibility a car and caravan will give me to explore a larger area from a base such as this – hmmmm!

Those new Heinz soup cartons are good!

From down south to up north (Devon)……

Another sun shiny day – can’t believe this run of weather – how lucky are we?

After a run around in the country park we left Dawlish behind and headed up north. We drove through some lovely open countryside and arrived early afternoon at Stowford Meadows Farm just inland of Braunton. Another very big site, mostly empty (yippee) and very rural in location.

After setting up we took the opportunity to enjoy the remaining afternoon sunshine and explore this site’s Woodland Walk. The walk follows and criss crosses a stream down through the valley through mostly woodland. There are lots of different routes to follow which should keep us busy, the only downside being the ground was very very wet and muddy! I am guessing that there has been much more rain here than we have had this last couple of months and we squelched whichever way we went. Poppydog was lagged! Mmm dirty dog – can’t say I’m keen!

We headed back to Birdie as the sun was going down for a towel off for Poppydog and a glass of wine for me!

Two thoughts of the day:

TV is full of Christmas- maybe time to give it some thought?

Pity you can’t go to a doggy car wash!