Today we had a visitor

Well this morning we saw the sunrise and what a beautiful day it has been.  

My sister in law Di drive up from the Lizard and we spent the day sightseeing and joined the crowds peering around Port Isaac looking for recognisable scenes from Doc Martin.  In many ways it is quite similar to our home village of Cadgwith but on a much larger scale – whereas fishing is still the main activity in Cadgwith, Port Isaac clearly thrives on the interest generated by the popular TV series with lots of eateries and gift shops – Mrs Tishall’s chemist is infact a fudge shop!

It never ceases to amaze how clever the film industry is making scenes look quite different to the reality – for example the entrance to the school looks to be just off the slip, whereas infact it sits a bit higher up in the village.  You definitely expect to see the characters going about their daily business.  We were so fortunate with the weather or maybe Port Wenn has its on micro-climate as it is always sunny?

This trip out served as an indication of the changing coastline again with higher cliffs and small protected harbours – gone (for the time being) are the wide sandy beaches and surfers paradise.

We returned to camp for a welcome cup of tea, a gossip and to enjoy the last of the days sun.

Two thoughts of the day:

Why is the reality always less exciting than the fantasy?  Since we have been here on our early morning rambles we have heard a distant vehicle hooting it’s way around the lanes – quite amused I have imagined a Jilly Cooper look alike, driving around in an ancient Volvo estate with hay bales in the boot – hooting around the lanes to warn any oncoming traffic that ‘we live here and do not reverse!’.  Well the reality was uncovered this morning when we saw a chap on a quad bike rounding up sheep using his hooter for greater effect!

I am very very lucky!

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