Forgot to tell Poppydog about the clocks going back!

My fault!  So we were up and out by 6.45am – still it is so lovely and peaceful at that hour – meandering along the lanes without a care in the world.

At a much more sensible hour we set off for Daymer Bay- the one just round from Rock that we could see but not reach.  The footpaths lead us across 2 golf courses, Roserrow and St Enedoc – quite unnerving when you have to cross the fairway and a sign politely tells you to look to the left/right before crossing – what are you looking for?  In my experience golf balls tend to be small and fast – if you are in the way you just are!

The footpath lead us via St Enedoc church – randomly positioned in the middle of St Enedoc golf course – if it wasn’t so old I would of imagined it was for the golfers to pray for divine intervention?  I’ve just read that it dates back to the 13th century but that due to its location by the 18th century it was all but covered by sand – in order to keep it as a church the vicar and parishioners would enter the church through a hole in the roof to host a service once a year until it was cleared and restored!

Immediately beyond the church is the sandy bay which unlike its 2 neighbours is not built up with just one small beach shop/cafe though served by a huge car park.   Still much more to Poppydogs liking as she gets to run and shout!

As the day was young we carried on along the coastal path to Polzeath, which though not as busy as Friday was still buzzing with surf board hire and tuition doing a roaring trade.  We stayed and watched awhile – a pasty length of time – before heading back through the golf course and home.

Time for a glass of wine and to read the Sunday paper!

Two thoughts of the day:

Pasties are like fish and chips and burgers – they taste so much better eaten out of the bag outside.

Will Poppydog ever learn, the less excitable she is, the more freedom she can have?

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