Through Pityme, past Splatt to Rock – who thinks these names up?

Not such a cracking day today but heyho most of the world is going home – not us we have ages yet!

We decided to walk cross country to Rock and that we did most successfully (mostly courtesy of the Roserrow estate) to Pityme which basically runs into Rock the only notable feature is that the houses get bigger, newer and showcase more glass ( why when you are looking out on a road and houses across the street?) the closer you get to Rock.  I don’t think I saw a car older than a 62 plate and it is so definitely Chelsea Tractor country- Volvo, BMW, Range Rovers aplenty- 3 Porsche’s and atleast 1 Bentley.  All the men were sporting Hunter wellies, tweed jackets and flat caps and women kitted out in proper boots (Dubarry’s and the like), trendy jeans and floaty, drapey woollen layers.  Felt right at home I did!

Walking down the main road towards the sea, after every 5 houses or so was a little parade of shops with people like Jack Wills, Quay4 and Joules interspersed with galleries and twee gift emporiums – very random and not overly useful – I was looking for a hose adapter and the little independent hardware shop was closed!

The tide was on its way out so lucky for Poppydog we were able to get beyond the crowds and she got some well deserved freedom to shriek, chase gulls and generally be a nuisance without causing any harm.  We couldn’t quite get round to Daymer Bay where they were kitesurfing so we will save that for another day.  You get a great view of Padstow on the other side of the estuary and the ferry between was doing a roaring trade.

The walk back felt loooong especially with the little bit of grocery shopping we did on the way but we are home, warm and cozy.

Two thoughts of the day:

Why do they build such big ‘second/holiday’ homes when smaller and I mean 2 or 3 bed ones would be let far more of the year and provide a better support to local communities?

I am so looking forward to the yogurt coated raisins I found in the shop that are chilling nicely in the fridge – they are good for you right?

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