Moving on to Polzeath

Well after a very slow start (long story about handbrake being bent by my Good Samaritan the other day and now not releasing properly- different man with tractor came to assist), we set off on this beautiful day to a new home in between Rock and a hard place called Polzeath!

My plan to put Poppydog right in the back with a chew misfired big time so up she came to pole position and though she barked a lot of the time she didn’t get hysterical!  Ear plugs may be the answer though she does shut up for a while if I growl at her – so maybe a bit of progress?

We have the small site to ourselves with amazing rural views and again nothing but birdsong and the odd distant tractor to keep us company – ideal.

We walked to Polzeath across fields and through a very posh holiday park (Roserrow) and their golf course arriving at Polzeath at around 4.30pm – it was heaving!  Just shows my ignorance, I thought it would be a relatively quiet, sleepy hollow – so very very wrong!  Poor Poppydog was driven stir crazy with all the activity – footballs (guaranteed to send her into a frenzy), families playing tennis, rounders or whatever – more balls and dogs running around everywhere- if I could harness the energy coursing through her at times like this we could probably keep Cornwall pretty cozy through the winter!  Alas though she has to stay on her lead because I can only imagine what would happen if she was allowed to join in.

Back on site by 6 to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sunset – mmmm.  

Two thoughts of the day:

The kids go back to school on Monday.

Everyone should have a field to themselves every now and then.

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