Ok so footpaths being blocked is one thing but roads?

For a change today I thought we would wander inland so we set off using our trusty OS app to pick up a footpath starting on the farm we are staying on – destination St Eval Church – only to find the end of the footpath falls short by about 100m of the lane – there is a track down to the lane but access barred by a sturdy locked gate.  Now what is the point of a public footpath that starts and ends within the boundaries of the same private farm?

We do not fall at the first hurdle and turn around and head up to the road (Newquay- Padstow B road) – not a main road but still quite busy with no footpaths but according to Mr OS we should only have to walk about half a mile before a right turning to Bedruthen.  Well we walk past the gated access to Bedruthen farm and carry on to a convenient spot to confer with Mr OS – hmmm we somehow have walked right past the turning!  Fortunately a farmer is just pulling out of the adjacent field and helpfully stops to tell me ‘that you won’t get no signal up ere’.  I don’t want signal – I am referring to Mr OS and I’m not totally sure how he works but I do know that I don’t need signal.  Anyhow I explain to Mr Kind Farmer that I am looking for the turning to Bedruthen.  ‘Oh you passed that back there with the gate – the gate is to stop the white van men from using it’. Well who knew??

Anyway, back we go and sure enough through another gate (just to completely put Mr white van man off, I’m sure) Mr OS is happy that we are back on track!

Our little meander takes us through the hamlet of Downhill – very strange little place – for every normal looking house there seems to be 2 or 3 little small holdings with a ramshackle shed, prehistoric caravan or even in one case a double decker bus – lots of geese and various random livestock, all sort of looking lived in.  Planning committee nightmare or turn a blind eyedom?  I also got the distinct feeling that we had been clocked!  Frustratingly there just past the Parish Green was the gate to the farm!  

We carry on out of the village ( one of the few to leave I think) and walk alongside the fenced off MOD Transmitter Station, past St Eval Karting – which judging by all the Chelsea Tractors in the car park is doing very well out of the halftermers to our destination.

What delightful little, well kept church St Eval is – a lot of war graves as well as local.  Beautiful rich blues and reds stain glass window.

Mission accomplished we head back, but rather than risk walking through Downhill again we elegantly shimmy over the (thoughtfully greased ugh!) gate and nonchantly wander back to Birdie.

Two thoughts of the day:

We heard ‘Bloodhound’ roar from Newquay Airport – if that is what it sounds like at 200mph whatever will it sound like at 1000mph?

Isn’t it funny how some places just give off a strange vibe? – no offence to the lovely inhabitants of Downhill.

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