What a lovely day …. but oh dear!

All that sea mist- gone, all the mizzle- gone, all the wind – gone, Brian – a distant memory – once again we breakfast in the sun outside.  

Now from a practical point of view we must make the most of good weather and in order to do that we need to top up the water supply.  Simple – make safe  everything in Birdie, unplug the electric supply and pootle 25 yards up the field to the tap!  Little bit of wheel spin to get there, ok so the ground is softer than I thought, whilst she is filling up, have a rekky around the field for firmer ground – sorted.  Haha- if only. Jumped back in, started her up, oh no – more wheel spin – serious wheel spin this time!  I quickly realise that we are going nowhere and that I am only making things worse – so off I go to find a man!  With a tractor as it happens, and in no time he has pulled us up onto the hardcore just inside the gate – where we shall be staying until it is time to move on!

Now an hour or so later – well we needed a cup of tea after that excitement – we begin with our chores and before long have a nice line full of washing drying in the sun, all rugs hanging over the fence having been beaten to within an inch of their lives and the interior of Birdie is once again (albeit briefly) sand free.  Glass of wine or walk?

Ok a bit early – so walk to Mawgan Porth, watch the sunny haze over the ever present surfers and just sit amongst the heather and watch the sun as it starts to dip down over the sea – bliss.  Then a glass of well earned wine methinks!

Two thoughts of the day:

I guess 3.5 tonne of vehicle will gradually sink into the damp ground!

Even I need a man occasionally!  Though to be fair a women with a tractor would have been equally welcome 😉

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