Oh and it’s back!

Hello world – we missed you!  Not quite breakfast outside in the sunshine but atleast we can see beyond the next field.

We took a nice walk along the coastal path towards Porthcothan – fantastic birds eye views of Bedruthen Steps and Pentire Steps (which doesn’t look accessible any more which is a shame).  Plenty of families around Bedruthen but only a few venturing  beyond.  We happened upon Porth Mear a shingle cove which was deserted so Poppydog got her long awaited run around – shrieking around the cove chasing birds – I try not to think about the speed and way she jumps from rock to rock!  

The coastline has changed again last week the cliffs were softened and often replaced by marram grass covered dunes, whereas these cliffs are high and rugged with clear evidence of rockfall but still round every corner is a stunning beach!

If I set off expecting to find beauty – I certainly am not being disappointed but the real bonus is this overwhelming feeling of calmness and tranquility- let’s see if I can project some of that feeling to Poppydog who is still as wired as ever!

Two thoughts of the day:

What a shame we can’t walk one way and still end up back at base – we could see so much more.

How satisfying using a highlighter pen to mark out the days progress – not even turned the page yet!

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