Where did the world go?

I slept like a baby – no wind just a little tinkle of rain on the roof lights and the ever present distant roar of the sea – magical.

Open the door – where has everything gone?  We are shrouded in sea mist (sounds better than ‘fog’ which always sounds dirty I think) and an eerie silence – ah well Poppydog you know that duvet day I was talking to you about?

Dream on.  Early afternoon the weather broke for a couple of hours – enough time for us to walk along the coastal path towards Mawgan Porth and watch pools of gold in the sea which as always is splendid in tones of grey, green and light teal, beneath the steely grey clouds – words can never truly describe what we see – funny though I love to paint I know I could never do it justice but it inspires me nonetheless.

Then in rolled the sea mist trying to hide the sun and again the world had gone!

Two thoughts of the day:

How rarely in our lives do we experience total peace and quiet – how lucky am I?

How wonderful are turkey and pickle sandwiches served with crisps and a chilled glass of wine?

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