Today we moved to Bedruthen and where did all the kids come from?

After yet another wild night we are still standing!  If anything is going to keep you awake at night then it should be something natural be it the wind, waves or rain – right?

Hey we are getting good at this packing up and leaving lark and even made it all the way to Tesco’s in Padstow without much barking – thanks to a pressed rawhide bone I picked up from the village shop in St Mawgan ( not the cheap ones from Morrisons which were consigned to the bin).  We were also less panicky about shopping – so hopefully have got what we need!

The journey back from Padstow to Carnewas Farm Holidays ( about 5 miles – often single lane) was quite stressful aside from being quite a challenging drive I had Poppydog yelling her little head off all the way – rawhide bone finished and second one offered not of interest – ok so still some more work to do on this!

Once we had settled in (field to ourselves – yippee) we set off for the short walk to Bedruthen Steps – well I knew the history (giant’s stepping stones etc.) what I hadn’t factored was the hundred and twenty little people steps down (and yes back up 😩) – worth it in terms of beauty? – yes.  Worth it in terms of Poppydog play and footsteps in the sand? – not so I’m afraid it was too busy and the tide was coming in at an alarming rate cutting off parts of the beach without much warning ⚠️

It looks like we have got some great walks to enjoy over the next few days – so bring it on!

Two thoughts of the day:

I so love 💕 the remoteness of this life – the peace, quiet, tranquility and time to just be.

It’s funny how there are some beaches you just wouldn’t want to be on your own on whereas fortunately many just come into their own the quieter they are!

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