Playing in the snow at the sea!

Yet another wild night but either I am getting used to it or the wind was gusting in a slightly different direction – either way we mostly slept through the night.  As the tide would be in and it was raining (as well as blowing  a Brian!) we just went for a short walk around the lanes first thing – though the sun did briefly appear we opted to breakfast in ‘Birdie’ – not coz we are getting soft but because the wind would have whisked my toast off to Wadebridge faster than any passing gull could have!

Though the wind didn’t let up we had a bracing walk along the beach at low tide – much of the beach was covered in foam giving hours of fun to Poppydog (chasing) and families who were playing in it much as though it was snow!  The few brave souls (not me) trying to brave the sea were being warned off by the Lifeguards.  We were moved back down the beach well ahead of the incoming tide because of the snow (foam) hiding the actual tide.  Parts of the beach were sheltered on others it was difficult to walk upright – understandably not a soul could be seen venturing along the coastal path above.

The wind had strengthened when we walked back off the beach and it was a drunken walk back up the hill – Poppydog really not keen on having the wind up her tail and was looking totally bedraggled and jacked off by the time we got back on site.  

Now in the warmth of the van she is smelling a little too sea dog for my liking!

Two thoughts of the day:

We really are very British about extremes of weather especially when on holiday – we will enjoy it whatever.

How do birds fly in this unpredictable wind?  I watched a bird of prey hovering above the cliffs in winds which must be in excess of 50 mph?

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