Why are the weathermen always right when it comes to bad weather?

What a night!  Ex-Ophelia made her presence felt fortunately mostly during the day on Wednesday and storm ‘Brian’ is making himself felt as we speak – so who was that blowing an absolute hooley last night?  Whoever it was they battered and bullied us and howled and howled until about 4.30am.  Poppydog slept throughout – I wasn’t quite so lucky!  Mindyou I’m glad I didn’t know that one of the site staff abandoned his caravan and slept in his car!  I don’t think much sleep was had by anyone on the site last night – exposed about covers it.

However we did manage breakfast outside in the sort of sun (I knew it was up there albeit playing hide and seek) and contented ourselves with a couple of lengthy visits to the beach and were back and snug by the time this current weather (wet and wild) arrived around 4pm.

Let’s hope ‘Brian’ gives us a break tonight until atleast 6am as forecast!

Two thoughts of the day:

Don’t ever believe the press when they forecast an Indian summer – they are just trying to make us feel better about the rubbish summer we are having.

Micro-fleece towels are the best invention ever – bit strange texture to start with (a bit like a chamioux leather) but very soft and dry in no time at all – both Poppydog and I approve,

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