Why don’t dogs have duvet days?

It was dry if a bit wild this morning but undeterred we headed off for the beach – which as per did not disappoint- reckon everyone else is tucking into fat boy breakfast – certainly judging by the smells emanating from the Watergate Bay Hotels kitchen – I wonder if the would notice an extra bod and somewhat bedraggled Poppydog?

We enjoyed a couple of hours before heading back up the hill (like Barn Hill for those if you that know) and had no sooner done our ablutions and had breakfast than the wind picked up bringing a fair amount of wet stuff with it!  Well I had planned a quiet day so heho good excuse no?

At about lunchtime (generally about the time we go out) – Poppydog was stressing around – refusing to go out in the rain for a crafty pee – leaving me no choice but don full waterproofs and take her out – not for long but long enough for waterproofs to be tested – check and Poppydog to look like a drowned rat!

Later there was a break in the weather and we took a second trip to the beach – I was in full waterproofs (not taking any chances) but soon began to feel like a turkey in a roasting bag!  The tide was mostly in but surfers and bodyboarders were totally undeterred and Poppydog was happy chasing the ball, gulls and anything else that moved.  She is now in the doghouse because she thought that putting her wet sandy body on my seat was a good idea!

Two thoughts of the day:

I’d forgotten how warm and toasty a fleece lined hat makes you feel.

Watching the surfers and bodyboarders makes me feel quite envious but not in the least tempted!

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