When you try to do the right thing

Well ex-Ophelia is definitely ex this morning – the beach was calm and serene and we were able to play footsteps all the way to the north end of the beach and most of the way back.

We had breakfast outside in the sun once more and I nearly forgot to say I saw 3 young Roe deer scampering across a neighbouring field on our way out this morning – a truly magnificent sight – though I was too surprised to think of taking a photo.

Now to get back to the point as I did such a rubbish job of shopping the other day we are running out of a few basic supplies – so according to my OS map the nearest shop is in St Mawgan a couple of miles away.  So we are going to support local and walk there to help save the planet!  We set off walking along the lanes to find the footpath link blocked by a huge stone placed on top of the style 😂 – leaving no obvious choice but to continue along the roads – this wasn’t too bad until we turned into the B road that serves Newquay airport – with no grass verges and everyone being in such a hurry it was most unpleasant- fortunately not too far before turning into the lane that leads you down into St Mawgan.

What a sweet little place – beautiful old church, convent, a primary school, pub and shop / post office.  Good range of supplies with a fair range of local produce – so I was able to get what I wanted.  

Not one to give up I had seen the St Mawgan end of the footpath so we decided to give it a go – it was clearly still in use which is always a good sign but every style of which there were many across farmland had been fenced around to allow human access only – now you are supposed to keep your dog on a lead but the only way to get Poppy through was to find a bit of fence for her to wriggle under – fortunately these gaps had already been made by other dog walkers or clever foxes – but really?  

Part of the footpath took you through an arch of hawthorn for about quarter of a mile and every couple of feet there was what I believe is an entrance to a badger set – it was really like wandering down a hobbit street!  

The last bit of the walk had to be along the road again as the aforementioned footpath was similarly blocked at this end – nevertheless we saw a bit of Cornwall we wouldn’t otherwise have and I have fresh eggs, milk, bread, wine and Swiss roll!

Two thoughts of the day:

One bit of homemade Swiss roll is not enough!

Having an awning looks like a good idea (hanging clothes, leaving boots and damp dogs) until you see what a faff it is to put up and take down again!

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