Ex-Ophelia rocked us but didn’t bowl us over

Just a little exposed up here – the wind woke me at about 5.30am but hey I managed to doze inspite of the rocking and reelin and Birdie is certainly windproof as we were warm and toasty inside.

As the tide was out we headed straight for the beach this morning (about 7.30) and what a treat / it is somehow special to be the first footsteps in the sand and whilst Poppy traced infinite circles across the beach we walked as far as we could towards Newquay – the wind was so strong against us making it a challenge to walk at times, sending spray and sand skittering across the beach already covering up our footprints.  

The rock pools were a beautiful shade of pale green in their depth striking against the greys, purples and blues of the rocks and deep yellow of the sand.

We returned later in the afternoon but the tide was right up leaving no sand to enjoy but instead a hot chocolate, a bit of shelter and we were happy to just watch and listen to the crashing waves before being blown back along the coastal path.

Two thoughts of the day:

The huge German van pulled in alongside me today has a tv/satalite dish the size of my double bed – is German TV that good?

I have used half a tank of fresh water but the waste tank is still registering empty – I know I drink a lot of tea but methinks it maybe isn’t working?

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