Where are all the footpaths?

Hmmm I have purchased an annual subscription (£19.99) to OS maps which is brilliant as it works offline just using the phone GPS (the bit where you can download whole sections to be used offline doesn’t work for me – it times out after about a minute).  However when trying to find footpaths to walk Poppy this morning 3 didn’t seem to exist at all and 2 others were so agricultural that I wasn’t prepared to risk them (I have wellies but Poppy doesn’t!) so we ended up just wandering around the lanes instead.  On enquiring at the site office this morning they were able to guide me to an ‘unofficial’ link to the coastal path so I can atleast avoid the busier coastal road.

I had breakfast whilst reading the Sunday paper – how many years since I’ve done that?  Mindyou it is still all pretty depressing!  Surely if our politicians put as much energy into getting stuff done as they do to squabbling and back stabbing each other the world would be a better place?  

I decided that I ought to get a paper once a week just to make sure I don’t miss anything important?  The jury is out on that one.

We had a good walk along the coastal path to Mawgan Porth which was quite busy with Sunday afternoon dog walkers and surfers and the tide was out far enough for us to reach a quieter part of the beach for a good game of fetch.  Not that Poppydog quite understands the rules of the game and prefers dropping the ball some distance away, barking at me to ‘fetch’ it and then snatching it away at the last minute!

Now back fed, watered, snug and cozy – let’s see what tonight brings?

Two thoughts of the day:

Why is the walk back always longer and more uphill?

What are surfers waiting for when they are bobbing about like little black ants?  Is it me or do they always look to far out?

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