Moving on to Watergate Bay

Poppy much less anxious but still barked her little head off!  To make matters worse I wanted to try going to a Supermarket on the way – so we pulled into Morrison’s and parked appallingly across 4 bays hehe! And I dashed in to do a literal supermarket run – armed with a list I was no time at all and Poppy was fine – quick walk around the car park to express her opinion of the place ( mine too actually not a fan of Morrison’s) and I so thought I had her sorted when she quietly settled down to chew on a rawhide bone – wrong!  A few miles up the road she started to whine and make a strange noise so I pulled over when I could and she promptly sicked up a huge chunk of the stuff by the side of the road (the rest along with the others I bought are in the bin – cheap is as cheap does!)

The rest of the very short journey was eventless and we were soon settled in our new abode about half a mile above Watergate Bay.

And so to explore- unfortunately we had to walk along the lanes down to the Bay but wow We played with the ball and walked all along the Bay – watching the surfers and some brave souls body boarding and wandered back up the hill tired and content ready for a drink or water / wine in the evening sunshine – life is oh so kind.

Two thoughts of the day:

My speed shopping just got better.

Travelling solo makes it cheaper to stay on the club sites with more facilities than the smaller listed sites with no or next to no facilities!

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