8 nights in and what have we learned?

  • Filling the water tank – I bought a hose from the Motorhome dealer – a blue food grade one and it came on a reel with hoselock type fittings on either end and a spray gun attachment – well the hozelock fitting doesn’t fit into the hole of the tank, so then I tried using the jet part of the spray gun and holding it to the tank – time consuming as it takes an age and you have to keep switching the tap off to check the water levels from inside the van – so problem solved – cut off one of the fittings and feed the hose into the tank – switch on the tap and watch the gauge from inside the van!
  • Hand washing – not very practical at this time of year unless you want to live in a Chinese laundry – I don’t -and washing socks (which took 24 hours to dry even with a nice day) was enough to persuade me that the way forward is to have enough “smalls” to last for a couple of weeks and then use the site laundry facilities.
  • Wellies take a week to dry out if they get soaked – waterproof trousers will solve that!
  • Fluffy slippers – nice for a couple of days but not so great after you’ve shoved damp feet in them a few times and Poppydog has trampled over them!
  • Stop drinking after 8pm to avoid clambering down the ladder in the middle of the night for a pee!
  • Check the site showers to see if you need to pay extra for them before you go to have one!

Pearls of wisdom – to be continued ….

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