Poppy and I did lunch

We had breakfast outside in the sun this morning (after our walk across the Common) – how delightful is that?

Later we walked across the headland to The Bowgie Inn in Crantock to meet up with a friend for a very long liquid lunch and serious catch up as we haven’t seen each other in awhile. Totally forgot to take any new photos (sorry). The sun was shining and the view spectacular ( across Crantock beach) whilst the day just passed us by.

This really is a great way to live. I have only been on the road a week and have seen so many beautiful beaches all the better for being quiet at this time of year. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of other folk wandering along the coastal paths, some head down clearly on a mission others ambling along like myself just enjoying the views. But I am spending on average 5 or so hours outside, mostly wandering but sometimes just sitting and most of all always enjoying – that has got to be good for me and Poppydog!

Two thoughts of the day:

Why do all the serious walkers (you know the ones with half a sack of spuds on their back, knobbly knees and rain jackets on whatever, stabbing the ground with their walking poles with serious attitude) never look up and see what is around them and never look happy?

Those squeegy marmite jars are really cool – you can draw a picture or sign your name on your toast before eating it!

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