How stunning are these beaches?

This really is a beautiful part of the Cornish coastline – the beaches are just amazing and all the more beautiful for being quiet and raw at this time of the year – as you may be gathering I don’t do crowds! There is something about leaving footprints in the sand don’t you?

We had a little sneak preview of Crantock beach – actually looking for Vugga Cove (Hidden Beaches) but not sure that it was visible from above so it has been bumped to tomorrow.

We returned via Porth Joke or Polly Joke as it seems to be called locally and yes the sun was almost out – so another tick!

All this fresh air – Poppydog is asleep in the front passenger seat – her current choice of relaxing area – along with under the lounge table.

Two thoughts of the day:

If you go out when it’s raining and get soaked – it is quite handy to stay out long enough to dry out again!

Washing socks in a bucket – how 21st Century!

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