An update from Poppydog

Well I have had an action packed day – woke mum at 7 for a drizzley run around the site fields, back for breakfast and then I noticed that mum was faffing around more than usual – unplugging stuff and putting everything away and then wait for it out came my harness!  Heh what is going on now?  Sure enough I was tethered behind the driving seat and we rambled off .  Well I barked and barked – scrabbled around to try and find a way to sit on mum’s lap and then barked some more. I don’t think mum was too impressed but I carried on anyway until we stopped again – only about half an hour later but seemed like doggy hours!

After settling into this new place ‘Crossroads Caravan Site’ at Cubert we had an amazing walk – I was allowed to run and run over Kelsey downs and then Holywell beach which is just awesome -miles and miles of sand ( well a mile  atleast) – I even let mum throw the ball for me a few times but mostly didn’t let her have it back!  I have mastered the art of running around in big circles with the ball in my mouth and barking  – how cool is that?

When it was time to go we went back a different way and I loved running and rolling in the long marram grass – I pretended to loose the ball a couple of times just to wind mum up!  And then oh how exciting – people are playing golf in the next field – I watched them for awhile (ignoring mum – as I think she guessed the way this was headed) and then after the last chap teed off – through the fence I went to find their balls!  Eventually I felt sorry for mum ( who couldn’t squeeze through the fence) and was aimlessly waiving my ball around in the air to attract my attention and went to her – even got a biscuit for my obedience!

after we got back we had to go to the shop in the village – boring! – I kept myself amused outside by barking non stop just to assure mum that I was ok – lots of people stopped to say hello – how nice!


I am done in now – so not a squeak from me till the morning – I wonder what we are doing then?

My thought of the day – no matter how irritating my barking is – until you can understand what I’m saying – I am going to carry on!!!!

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