Moonscape walk from Trevellas to Perranporth

No wet stuff today 😄 walked from site at Cross Coombe Farm to Perranporth (about 6 miles round trip) – what an eerie landscape – a bit like I imagine the moon is like all pitted and scarred by years of mining with weird little pyramid shaped cages over tunnel entrances or landfalls – the whole route is a crisscross of scree paths either man made by walkers or extreme cyclists and animal tracks – actually keeping to the path is nigh on impossible – in between all the paths hardy heather florishes and though at this time of year it is blackened and mostly spent, I imagine that in full bloom it adds another dimension to this harsh reminder of human activity.  Just before you catch a glimpse of Perranporth beach is Cligga mine which was also used as an ammunition factory in the war worked by local women and a ghostly reminder of how very different lives were then.  Round the corner and enjoy the beauty of Perranporth beach – surfing wonderland and doggy heaven!041BDE42-21C1-4CC6-B8CC-833393A6858AD2A26373-0507-497C-BBD8-6D19BC6CF9DB73E67334-AB88-4039-A673-39E26AACC3B71A7C8201-A23C-40E3-B336-A8E54B3E19CCJust one thought of the day today – don’t drink 3 cups of tea before setting off on a long walk!

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