Off to Tintagel and Boscastle and OMG …..

Look at this for a view?

After a short journey (accept that Poppydog is going to bark most of the time – she is now relegated to her bed behind the drivers seat as it is less distracting and often seemed to be content to squeeze her head between my seat and the door – sobeit!) we arrived at Trewethett Farm Caravan Site and got to wander around and choose our pitch – wow this is what I imagined but in reality is the first time I have had a full on sea view – breathtakingly awesome!

The beauty of motorhome life – it takes no time at all to set up and then just enjoy a cup of tea and soak up the view.

Aside from the view the facilities here are amazing- heated toilet/shower block, laundry facilities and on site shop – can seriously recommend the cherry and walnut cake – yum 😋 – having spent the last nine nights in remote fields with no facilities just not having to put wellies on each time you set foot out feels like luxury.

The coastal path runs alongside the site and we soon set off for a nice walk in the afternoon sun towards Boscastle – taking in the Ladies Window.

Before I googled it on my return I had no idea what I was looking for and had convinced myself that it was some underground cave with windows out to sea built by the Victorians to enable the ‘Ladies’ to view the sea, out of the elements and actually thought I had found it – though not its entrance – am I getting a little fanciful spending so much time on my own?  If you look closely at this photo you might see what I mean.

We headed back as the sun was dropping to enjoy a glass of wine and admire the view all over again.

Two thoughts of the day:

Imagination is so powerful and we really can see what we want to!

Maybe I am not as suited to the very simple life as I thought?

Today we had a visitor

Well this morning we saw the sunrise and what a beautiful day it has been.  

My sister in law Di drive up from the Lizard and we spent the day sightseeing and joined the crowds peering around Port Isaac looking for recognisable scenes from Doc Martin.  In many ways it is quite similar to our home village of Cadgwith but on a much larger scale – whereas fishing is still the main activity in Cadgwith, Port Isaac clearly thrives on the interest generated by the popular TV series with lots of eateries and gift shops – Mrs Tishall’s chemist is infact a fudge shop!

It never ceases to amaze how clever the film industry is making scenes look quite different to the reality – for example the entrance to the school looks to be just off the slip, whereas infact it sits a bit higher up in the village.  You definitely expect to see the characters going about their daily business.  We were so fortunate with the weather or maybe Port Wenn has its on micro-climate as it is always sunny?

This trip out served as an indication of the changing coastline again with higher cliffs and small protected harbours – gone (for the time being) are the wide sandy beaches and surfers paradise.

We returned to camp for a welcome cup of tea, a gossip and to enjoy the last of the days sun.

Two thoughts of the day:

Why is the reality always less exciting than the fantasy?  Since we have been here on our early morning rambles we have heard a distant vehicle hooting it’s way around the lanes – quite amused I have imagined a Jilly Cooper look alike, driving around in an ancient Volvo estate with hay bales in the boot – hooting around the lanes to warn any oncoming traffic that ‘we live here and do not reverse!’.  Well the reality was uncovered this morning when we saw a chap on a quad bike rounding up sheep using his hooter for greater effect!

I am very very lucky!

Forgot to tell Poppydog about the clocks going back!

My fault!  So we were up and out by 6.45am – still it is so lovely and peaceful at that hour – meandering along the lanes without a care in the world.

At a much more sensible hour we set off for Daymer Bay- the one just round from Rock that we could see but not reach.  The footpaths lead us across 2 golf courses, Roserrow and St Enedoc – quite unnerving when you have to cross the fairway and a sign politely tells you to look to the left/right before crossing – what are you looking for?  In my experience golf balls tend to be small and fast – if you are in the way you just are!

The footpath lead us via St Enedoc church – randomly positioned in the middle of St Enedoc golf course – if it wasn’t so old I would of imagined it was for the golfers to pray for divine intervention?  I’ve just read that it dates back to the 13th century but that due to its location by the 18th century it was all but covered by sand – in order to keep it as a church the vicar and parishioners would enter the church through a hole in the roof to host a service once a year until it was cleared and restored!

Immediately beyond the church is the sandy bay which unlike its 2 neighbours is not built up with just one small beach shop/cafe though served by a huge car park.   Still much more to Poppydogs liking as she gets to run and shout!

As the day was young we carried on along the coastal path to Polzeath, which though not as busy as Friday was still buzzing with surf board hire and tuition doing a roaring trade.  We stayed and watched awhile – a pasty length of time – before heading back through the golf course and home.

Time for a glass of wine and to read the Sunday paper!

Two thoughts of the day:

Pasties are like fish and chips and burgers – they taste so much better eaten out of the bag outside.

Will Poppydog ever learn, the less excitable she is, the more freedom she can have?

Through Pityme, past Splatt to Rock – who thinks these names up?

Not such a cracking day today but heyho most of the world is going home – not us we have ages yet!

We decided to walk cross country to Rock and that we did most successfully (mostly courtesy of the Roserrow estate) to Pityme which basically runs into Rock the only notable feature is that the houses get bigger, newer and showcase more glass ( why when you are looking out on a road and houses across the street?) the closer you get to Rock.  I don’t think I saw a car older than a 62 plate and it is so definitely Chelsea Tractor country- Volvo, BMW, Range Rovers aplenty- 3 Porsche’s and atleast 1 Bentley.  All the men were sporting Hunter wellies, tweed jackets and flat caps and women kitted out in proper boots (Dubarry’s and the like), trendy jeans and floaty, drapey woollen layers.  Felt right at home I did!

Walking down the main road towards the sea, after every 5 houses or so was a little parade of shops with people like Jack Wills, Quay4 and Joules interspersed with galleries and twee gift emporiums – very random and not overly useful – I was looking for a hose adapter and the little independent hardware shop was closed!

The tide was on its way out so lucky for Poppydog we were able to get beyond the crowds and she got some well deserved freedom to shriek, chase gulls and generally be a nuisance without causing any harm.  We couldn’t quite get round to Daymer Bay where they were kitesurfing so we will save that for another day.  You get a great view of Padstow on the other side of the estuary and the ferry between was doing a roaring trade.

The walk back felt loooong especially with the little bit of grocery shopping we did on the way but we are home, warm and cozy.

Two thoughts of the day:

Why do they build such big ‘second/holiday’ homes when smaller and I mean 2 or 3 bed ones would be let far more of the year and provide a better support to local communities?

I am so looking forward to the yogurt coated raisins I found in the shop that are chilling nicely in the fridge – they are good for you right?

Moving on to Polzeath

Well after a very slow start (long story about handbrake being bent by my Good Samaritan the other day and now not releasing properly- different man with tractor came to assist), we set off on this beautiful day to a new home in between Rock and a hard place called Polzeath!

My plan to put Poppydog right in the back with a chew misfired big time so up she came to pole position and though she barked a lot of the time she didn’t get hysterical!  Ear plugs may be the answer though she does shut up for a while if I growl at her – so maybe a bit of progress?

We have the small site to ourselves with amazing rural views and again nothing but birdsong and the odd distant tractor to keep us company – ideal.

We walked to Polzeath across fields and through a very posh holiday park (Roserrow) and their golf course arriving at Polzeath at around 4.30pm – it was heaving!  Just shows my ignorance, I thought it would be a relatively quiet, sleepy hollow – so very very wrong!  Poor Poppydog was driven stir crazy with all the activity – footballs (guaranteed to send her into a frenzy), families playing tennis, rounders or whatever – more balls and dogs running around everywhere- if I could harness the energy coursing through her at times like this we could probably keep Cornwall pretty cozy through the winter!  Alas though she has to stay on her lead because I can only imagine what would happen if she was allowed to join in.

Back on site by 6 to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sunset – mmmm.  

Two thoughts of the day:

The kids go back to school on Monday.

Everyone should have a field to themselves every now and then.