Finding Freedombird

Some serious research and information gathering went into choosing the right motorhome (a caravan was discounted quite early on as not being an easy solution for a lone traveller – as indeed was the iconic VW campervan for sadly, but simply just not being big enough to live in)!

A short list of requirements drawn up:

  • New or nearly new
  • Fixed bed
  • Full washroom with shower
  • An oven (not specifically for cooking – as those who know me will know that a microwave will pretty much suffice – but for baking fimo clay)
  • 6 metre length and not too fat to travel down narrow country lanes

Then a trip to the Wadebridge Caravan & Motorhome Show, followed by trip to Alan Kerr of Paignton and a deal was done. Freedombird is a new Swift Rio 340 which has an amazing opening tailgate to let the outside in, rear lounge with a drop down bed and a front dinette for me to get creative – perfect – all in 6.4m and only 2.2m wide.

Thanks to Tom from Alan Kerr of Paignton for his patience!

Now roll on October 5th when the adventure begins.

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